The Fresh eCommerce Design gets the Worm

Keeping your ecommerce website designers busy will keep your website busy. Keeping things interesting makes shopping on your site a pleasure. It’s not that you want to create confusion for customers, you just want to keep them interested by keeping them coming back to find out what you’ve got planned next.

  • Mix up your products. If you don’t have any new products, feature a monthly product and make it look good with an exciting image that suits your brand. Tell its story, why they can’t live without it and if possible give it a limited time offer best price.
  • Seek out new products that suit your business profile and that will help create excitement. Find out the must haves in your industry and try to provide them to customers so they don’t go elsewhere and you lose them.
  • Create an exciting sale page or promotions section that can be changed regularly. Use this page as an opportunity to collect email addresses so you can market your latest promotions and new items.
  • Use heat maps to follow traffic on your site and if you notice some areas are not being visited challenge your design team to change your navigation to draw more attention there.
  • Treat your ecommerce site like an actual store. Look at doing themed (not hokey ones) designs to bring attention to the fact you are dynamic not static. People will notice the change and be more apt to revisit to see what’s going on. Your designers can have fun with it whether it is working with seasonal colours or coming up with a new message on your home page.
  • Make sure you don’t start to look dated. That can be embarrassing. Make sure when people visit your site they don’t feel like they went back in time. Look for the most popular, state of the art platforms like Magento Ecommerce in Sydney, to keep your site up to date and appealing.

Breathing new life into your site using fresh content, products, features and design trends will keep your site fresh and worth revisiting.


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