3 Things You Didn’t Know About Google Maps

When you think of Google Maps you probably picture an overview of a road map with little red tear drops indicating the locations closest to you for restaurants, shops or services. But Google Maps for business has many unique uses of which you may be unaware.

Google Maps API

When visitors come to your site, the more they can learn about your product or service, the more they will trust you. Google Maps API allows businesses to overlay their data, statistics and information with a Google Map to help provide information to their customers and visitors. This means that you can highlight key information pertinent to your business and use a visual to bring attention to otherwise humdrum data. Businesses are using this application to bring all kinds of interesting facts to light as well as hone in on the nature of their business – from real estate agencies to travel companies and franchises to community services. You can also decide which view is best for your customers from satellite to a basic map overview.

Google Map Analytics

You can also use analytics to follow the way visitors are viewing your map. How many are zooming in, how many seem to prefer a 45 degree angle, how many take a visual tour of your business’ surrounding area? You can then design your map based on the most popular ways your specific visitors are using your specific site.

Google Maps Engine

Create map apps to allow your customers to find you, interact with you and access your information on any device from any platform. You can enhance any of your Google map options with Google local listing Sydney uses to seek out local products and services. A Google map is a tool you definitely want to add to your online marketing arsenal.

Google Maps

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