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Smart SEO seeks to help their customers understand their online needs, this
brochure provides some helpful tips and guidelines regarding both SEO &
AdWords and the strength & weaknesses of each approach to online marketing.

Where is your business Exposed?

Here are your typical 1st page search results, the yellow represents Google AdWords and the blue represents the Organic Search Results (This is what SEO targets). The chart represents the average click rate of each result type.


Smart SEO can get your site on the first page of Google results.
Generally speaking Organic Search results are often viewed as more trustworthy
by searchers and therefore may lead to higher conversion rates than Pay-Per-
Click advertising. They also include Google maps, facebook pages, etc.
Search Engine Optimisation targets Organic results only, this means – when
done correctly – your website will be listed in the first page of Google, regardless
of any installed AdBlocking programs or searchers who ignore the paid results.

Where’s your money going?

When you put money into putting your website on Google where is your money
going, and how much is going towards this goal?


Research in online marketing shows that 40% of SEO campaigns, aware of their
ROI, achieve returns in excess of 500%, while only 22% of PPC campaigns were
able to achieve this value. At the end of the day, higher returns means more
money in the pocket.


Which is the best investment?

Another factor to consider when deciding between Pay-Per-Click campaigns
and Ongoing SEO packages is the duration of the campaign. If you are running a
promotion or a having an event; then Facebook or Google PPC advertising could
be appropriate.

However, if you would like to permanently list yourself on the first page of
Google for a fraction of the cost of AdWords, then Search Engine Optimisation
will allow you to be found whenever anyone searches for your product or
service! As your SEO campaign continues your site can appear in more places,
with more keywords, and your visibility continues to increase over time.

When it comes to investing in Online Marketing, SEO should be considered the
foundation of your campaign. As your campaign continues you will find that
SEO has the highest ROI and the lowest ongoing cost.

What makes it organic?


We call SEO Organic because your website will be listed in the natural – left side
– results on Google. If you maintain it; your SEO will continue to rank well, the
longer you continue with your SEO campaign the greater your results will be!
On the other hand, if you ever stop an AdWords campaign; your website will
instantly cease to be advertised on Google (or any other search engine you run
PPC ads with).

Think of it this way: ongoing SEO is like owning a car –carthe smart thing to do is maintain it if you want it to keep performing at it’s best, and if you stop maintaining it, its performance will decline, and eventually stop!

Google often changes it’s search algorithms and there is always more
competition seeking to knock your position off the first page. However, Smart
SEO’s techniques are always up-to-date, and will continue to optimise and
improve your campaign and aim for those #1 positions in the Search Engines!

Let our results do the talking!

If you’re business isn’t on the first page of Google search results then give us a call and let us help you get to the first page!