How to Get Google Map Listings on the Top of the SERPS

Small businesses benefit significantly from local search and mobile technology. Today, people simply search for a nearby restaurant or a business that they want to visit and look at the map. For example, if someone is looking for Starbucks close to their location, they might say, ‘Ok Google, directions to Starbucks near me’ and simply use the navigation to get to the coffee shop.

There are people who make their travel plans according to the data listed on the map as well. For example, they might search Google for ‘hotels near Adelaide Airports’ and try to book the hotel based on the address and travel time listed. As you can see, the listings on the map and the information that accompanies it would make a considerable difference in the amount of foot traffic you draw in. However, for that, you need to be visible on the SERPs. There are several steps you need to take to get your Google Map listing there.

Correct Information

The first step is to provide the correct information or correct your information that’s already present. The first thing you need to do is check your NAP data, which is your name, address, and phone number data. If this data is wrong, there’s a high likelihood that users will leave behind negative reviews, which can affect the rankings. Moreover, inconsistent data can also affect your rankings. So if your NAP data is different on different sites or outdated, you won’t rank high in Google Maps. Make sure that wherever you’re present on the web, your data is accurate.

Search Your Business

Now you need to search your business on Google Maps and see all the information present. If nothing shows up, which is actually rare, you need to create a new listing and mark your business property on the map. However, in most cases, you might find your business and some NAP data already present. Check the information to see if it’s accurate. You should pay particular attention to the location of the pin on the Google Map. You should check the address and perhaps even check your location on your mobile phone when you’re on your business premises.

Claiming the Business

After you’ve checked the information, you need to claim your business. You can easily do that by clicking on the claim this business option present there. It would take you to This only happens if you’ve already logged into your Google account and are surfing on Chrome. If you aren’t signed in, you might have to go to, log in with your business Google id and claim the business. The process is easy and Google will guide you through it.


The final step is to ensure you have a good overall reputation. Ask your customers to write reviews on the Google Map listing and award you stars. The businesses with 5 stars and the best relevance will rank high on the SERPS. The more stars and reviews you have, the better.

These are the first steps to get high ranking on Google Maps SERPS. After that, it’s only a matter of optimizing your SEO campaign.

Google Map Listings on the Top of the SERPS

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