Using Google Maps Services to Bring You Business

Your strongest ally in obtaining local traffic to your business is Google Maps Services. Google Maps Services Sydney businesses use allows you to land your business front and centre for those seeking local services. However, you have to know how to land front and centre first.

Understanding the Rules

Much like Google conducts searches for information, any Google local listing Australia search made will be scrutinized by Google’s search engines. Anything Google doesn’t like will make your ranking drop. Be sure your company listing includes your company name. A false listing that simply lists a pile of keywords reflecting what you do as opposed to the actual name of your company can result in penalization by Google.

Avoid Toll Free Phone Numbers

Although your first instinct will be to provide your toll free number for the sake of your clients, using your local number will work to your benefit for these three reasons:

  • You local area code will validate you are located in the search location.
  • Your local business number also validates your legitimate existence to Google.
  • Using the number you registered with also offers validation when Google matches them up with your local council registration.

Give All Your Info to Google Local Business Centre

When you are completing your Local Business Centre form, Google provides you a percentage on the page that indicates how far you are in completing the form. Supply all the information requested to ensure 100 percent completion so Google can find you. This includes everything from photos to hours of operation. This will also ensure your customer will find everything they need. You can update information as required.

Offer a Coupon

Google loves coupons and posting one or more will bring value to your ranking.

Be Consistent

Make sure your website has your full address and phone number and that it matches the one on your listing.

Google Maps

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