How to Know What Not to do on Your Ecommerce Website Design

The best way to come up with your Australia ecommerce website design is to look at websites you don’t like. Research will help you discover the most frustrating aspects of poorly designed sites to recognize mistakes you want to avoid.

Where You Landed

When you visit each site see where you land. If you are on a page crazy with information and none of it helpful you are certain to find this doesn’t work. You may have thought giving the visitor as much information as possible will make them see how much you have to offer. When you visit websites like this you will see it does quite the opposite: it makes you have no clue where to look and if anything makes you want to bail.

Where You’re Going

If you get passed that first home page and still haven’t been forced to abort due to shopper’s overload, take a look at what you see. Are you finding what you want quickly? Are you deciding where to go or do you really have to think about it? Home pages that leave too much to the imagination will have the same effect as home pages that offer too much. You will see you need to create a home page that welcomes you to the site and wants you to venture in farther. Vague navigation with unclear menus is another mistake you’ll want to avoid.

Where You`re Shopping

If you are happy and feel safe enough to venture into the site, see how you feel once inside. Are you able to find products easily in logical categories? Do you recognize the names of products? Is it clear how to use the Australian shopping cart websites have opted to use on their site? Are you able to add quantities and more importantly remove products easily if you change your mind? Feeling uncertain or unsafe on an eCommerce site is another mistake to add to your list of no-nos.

Taking note of what doesn’t work will help you design the intuitive site your customers will appreciate.


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