How An e-Commerce Website Designer Helps Customers Navigate

E-Commerce website designers understand how consumers shop. They understand how they react, what they look for instinctively and even how to read just those instincts to follow a different path. If you have an online e-Commerce business and you are losing customers it might be time to understand how the professionals design to keep customers engaged.

Intuitive Navigation

A web designer has been trained on the aesthetics of web pages and how people want to use them. Top navigation bars offer the best navigation system for users and the addition of easy to use, clearly labelled drop down menus allow them to search for what they need with a roll of the mouse or drag of the finger.

Sprinkle Breadcrumbs

To add to ease of use, providing “breadcrumbs” for your users allows them to find their way back home. A trail of the headings they have clicked will let them know how deep into your site they have gone and more importantly navigate their way back in order to find products or services they have found interesting.

Colour Cues

Offer users colour cues that allow them to remember where they have already clicked. Changing the colour of already navigated links is a trick used by website designers and using brighter colours for those yet undiscovered will allow users to focus on where they are going, while knowing in the back of their mind where they have already been.

Fewer Choices, Less Confusion

Another trick of professional web designers is to use a simplified menu. Not only do they offer fewer selections to click, they also ensure the names of the categories make sense to the customer. Many businesses make the mistake of referring to the wholesale reference name or category as opposed to what the consumer may recognize.

Page Templates

Using a consistent design creates familiarity throughout the site. Changing the format from page to page will confuse the consumer and may even make them think they have linked to another site.

These guidelines help create a user-friendly site improving traffic and sales.

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