Ecommerce Website Design in Sydney: 5 Tips to Optimise Product Details

Ecommerce website design presents a unique sets of challenges versus other industries.  With dozens and sometimes hundreds of products to list, businesses can face issues with attracting target customers through effective product descriptions.  With help from a leading provider of ecommerce website design, Sydney businesses will be able to stand out from the competition and find the success they’re after. Smart SEO understands the unique challenges your ecommerce business will face – giving you the ability to enjoy dynamic site design and effective optimisation.

How to Optimise Your Product Detail

No matter how many products you will offer, each description must be optimised in order to maintain effective SEO for the site as a whole.  With these tips, your ecommerce website design in Sydney will prove effective.

  • Page Title: The page title should read (from left to right) with the product name or service first.  This will improve search engine visibility and indexing.
  • Product Name: H1 tags should always be used in product names.  This will support the optimisation of the site and improve product detail SEO.
  • Product Description: Include the service or product category in the description as a way of generating better SEO results.
  • Product Image: The product image should contain the name of the product in full.
  • Bread Crumb Nav:  Bread Crumb Nav should be including on all pages and should show all levels of navigation.

Leaders in Ecommerce Website Design in Sydney

When you’re in search of assistance with product detail optimisation and/or ecommerce website design in Sydney, you can count on Smart SEO.  With a team of highly trained experts dedicated to your success, Smart SEO gives you guaranteed results with SEO.  Contact a Smart SEO consultant today for assistance with your business.

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