What Australia Online Marketing Agencies Need in an Ecommerce Platform

Your online marketing agency should take a lot of time and research to select the platform they recommend for your Ecommerce needs. The way your online business functions, the experience it offers customers and the successful completion of transactions all depend on your ecommerce platform.

Here’s what your online marketing agency should look for in your ecommerce platform:

Customisable Design

The design of your site is the first impression your customer will have of your business. A customisable design will allow your online marketing agency to work with endless design possibilities making sure your site has the profile it needs to make your brand memorable and trustworthy.

SEO Capabilities

A good design means nothing if your customers can’t find you. A good ecommerce platform offers SEO through search engine friendly URLs, customized Meta information, easy to use site maps and dynamic landing pages.

Ease of Use

Once customers find you they should be able to use your site easily and confidently. Customers are savvy and will be searching for specific products and prices. Product comparisons, wish lists and customer assisted shopping all add up for a positive experience that will promote customer loyalty.

Customisable Catalogue Options

Being able to sell to your customers online the same way you would in your brick and mortar shop or at least in the same way you would if you had a brick and mortar shop will add to your customer’s positive experience. Shopping by colour and size or descending order of price, by department or by category all offer you customized choices on how your customers will shop.

A good example of these services in Australia: Magento Ecommerce services over 150,000 online businesses because of their adaptability, customer service focus and powerful platform. Your online marketing agency should be seeking services such as Magento as they offer all of the above features and more, based on the size of your business in hand with your specific needs.


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