2 Reasons Australian Guaranteed SEO Results Should Use Google Algorithms

If your SEO service doesn’t use Google algorithms, then chances are – guarantee or no guarantee – you will not find yourself within the top 10 ranking positions. This means the guarantee will start to work against you as your company continues to attempt to get top rankings, unaware Google is not responding due to changes to their algorithms.

Here are a 2 reasons Google algorithms are key to your service’s guarantee:

1.       Google Panda – Content Police

Google Panda was first launched on February 23, 2011 in an attempt to bring quality content to the forefront and leave poorly written, “content farm” copy behind. This algorithm will actually suppress copy not following Google Guidelines. If your company is not aware of new Panda criteria, they may be using undesirable methods, thus either resulting in rank suppression or getting you moved down the ranks and off the first page.  We know how to handle Panda:

  • Good content solves a problem
  • Research and resources must be reputable
  • Content must be purposeful, clear and original (no copying allowed)
  • Offers a unique perspective in your area of expertise
  • Has personable approach to encourage loyal readership

2.       Google Penguin – Over-optimisation Detective

Google Penguin was launched April 24, 2012 to help hunt down over-optimization and undesirable link building tactics. Any of the following strategies your company might be using could get you penalized and you and your service may not even know it:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Buying links
  • Anchor text keyword saturation

Algorithm Redemption

The only way your SEO service can get around rank suppression or any form of penalization is to remove the offending content altogether and replace it using the content guidelines Panda and Penguin love. Some tools to assist you measure the quality of your content:

  • Copyscape to avoid plagiarism
  • Reader test to ensure you are solving a problem
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines to make sure you are following the rules


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Nathanael Vanderkolk is the Director of the Smart SEO Company, a SEO Agency in Sydney, Australia. Smart SEO Sydney has a keen awareness of the latest approaches to online marketing. Follow him on , Facebook and Twitter.
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