Making the Most of the Panda Update 24 with Australian Website Design

The design of your website is one of the most important aspects to your success on the internet. This is true even now with the latest Panda update 24. This update was recently announced and is going to affect 1.2% of the English queries through Google. To stay on top of the update, you need to turn to the best Australian Digital Agency for support in creating the best design for your business. With the help of the professionals like those at Smart SEO, it is possible to create the website that will be effective no matter what changes Google makes.

Making Changes to the Website

The most important thing when trying to overcome the Panda update 24 is to invest in the best Australian website design. This includes changes to the website in terms of the keywords used on the site as well as the overall look of the website. Orientation and on-site links play a big part in the ability to get the best results even with changes to Panda being rolled out every four weeks or so. Whether you are creating a new website or changing an existing one, the website needs to be optimised to meet these new standards.

Maintaining a Higher Ranking through SEM

One thing that Panda update 24 has not changed is the necessity to get more from Australian SEM techniques. Effective website design helps to play into your marketing campaign by providing the best placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Using the techniques that play well on-site as well as those that will provide links back to the site will make sure that a better SERP rank will be attained. Better website design can make sure that the website is effective for those who are using the site.

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