How to Stay On Top After the Panda Update 24

Google has been going through many changes since the first Panda update rolled out on February 24, 2011. While the first update was the most dramatic, with more than 11.8% of English queries affected by the update, the most recent update still needs to be overcome in order to maintain a position of authority on the Internet. An effective Australian web designer like Smart SEO can help you to remain on top with the latest updates that Google can come out with. This is done through effective strategies and the best marketing.

Better Marketing Strategies Online

The best Australian Online Marketing Strategies include those that will identify the newest updates of Panda. Even with the updates rolling in about every 4 weeks lately, it is possible to maintain a good position when marketing strategies identify what the updates are trying to accomplish. This latest update only affects 1.2% of the English queries, so making the changes to the content will not be as difficult as in other updates. Still, the right strategy is necessary to make sure that current and future updates will be more effective.

Marketing Online with Panda Updates

An effective marketing strategy will overcome the newest updates to Panda so you will be able to get even more from Australia Web Marketing. This kind of marketing needs to focus on the algorithm that has been rolled out from Google in order to make sure that the marketing campaign still has teeth. Making updates to content is a natural and organic process when done correctly. It will allow the website to be marketed correctly and maintain a higher search engine ranking. With a higher ranking and a more effective strategy, it is possible to get even more from your online marketing scheme.

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