How to Avoid the Common Problems With Google Panda and Other Updates

For many search engine optimisation experts, the frequent Google updates can be a bit of a challenge. With the constant focus on keeping content fresh, current, and effective, companies must understand the ways in which Google Panda and other Google updates can change optimisation strategies. Because these updates are intended to create higher quality content by eliminating “content farms” and other alternatives, your organisation can benefit from these changes when you align yourself with experts.

Things to Remember When it Comes to Content

The latest Google updates have been met with mixed reviews. For many, these updates are just a reminder to keep content top-notch in order to maintain search engine friendly sites. Some things to remember when creating content for your site include:

  • Get Rid of Duplicate Content (On and Off Page)
  • Improve Internal Linking Structure
  • Use Social Media Icons
  • Post Content Regularly—To Keep Site Content Fresh and Help Avoid Duplicate Content
  • Setup Social Media Pages
  • Fix Crawl Errors Using Google Webmaster Tools

Although some of these tips may be easy to tackle on your own, most businesses prefer to rely on SEO experts to handle all optimisation and content issues.

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