10 Content Secrets of Australia SEO Companies

Here are a few secrets that separate so-so copywriters from awesome content writers. Read and learn:

  1. Keyword Research: Expert content writers know that it’s not about keywords; it’s about key phrases. There is only one-way to gauge the difference between phrases and their effects: understanding how to use Google Keyword Tool. By researching your keywords you will see how Google ranks them, allowing you to use your keywords to find top ranking key phrases. Using the “exact” check box option will bring you the key phrases you need.
  2. Organic Links: The quality of your content will help encourage other sites to link to your site. This is known as link building and Google searches for these as well. The more natural links to your content, the more legitimate Google will think it is moving you further and further up the rankings.
  3. Headlines and Subtitles: Catchy headlines are a must and should be under 66 characters for optimum effectiveness. Incorporate numbers such as Top 10, or 5 Rules of, etc. Use your key phrase in the title if at all possible. Sub-heads offer an overview for readers and break up copy.
  4. List It: 70 percent of the top ranked pages use bulleted or numbered lists.
  5. Vary Your Type: Use bold, underline and italics to emphasize content so search engines see you have important points.
  6. Use “Quotations”: Quotations bring legitimacy to your site as it draws on the input of other experts.
  7. Keep it Simple: Simplicity gets your content noticed and is easier for readers to understand for a quick read with valued information.
  8. Solve a problem: Teach your readers how to do something, fix something or improve something.
  9. You: You should speak directly to readers using you and yours to personalise your content.
  10. Heat Map: Use a heat map to indicate where readers are clicking on your site.

In Australia, SEO company strategies for content writing include tactics like those above to help them get their clients top rankings.


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