What is Retargeting Going to Do For You?

It’s another word from the mumbo jumbo jargon of marketing: Retargeting. But when it comes to your website, retargeting may be one of the strongest marketing weapons in your arsenal.


Retargeting 101

Retargeting is keeping track of every person who visits your website and then offering a constant reminder that you are there once they leave your site. Sadly, only 2% of visitors will make a purchase. That leaves 98% to be lost and never found again. Retargeting these potential customers allows you to keep track of them and follow them with advertising, enticing them to come back and shop.

A Cup of JavaScript and Some Cookies

You don’t need to know how they work you just need to know what they do. By placing a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website, you can collect a list of all your visitors. Cookies are then placed in their browsers allowing your advertisements to be placed onscreen as they visit other sites. This is the mechanics of retargeting.

Retargeting Advertising Results

If you’re feeling a little doubtful that these cookies may prove more of an annoyance than a bonus look at the numbers. Sales are often marked by results from Black Friday in the U.S. and the recent addition of Cyber Monday globally. In 2012, Black Friday saw 136 clicks and 158 conversions, compared to Cyber Monday’s 158 clicks and 208 conversions. The reason? Many would argue, personalized retargeting. Black Friday’s window shoppers were able to make easy conversions at sites they had already visited thanks to retargeting on Cyber Monday.

Effective and Specific

Retargeting is effective because it emphasizes your presence through constant branding and exposure. Personalized retargeting allows for more success when you fine tune your timing and ads:

  • Tailor to a group based on what they shopped, necklaces versus rings, bubble bath versus shampoo
  • Don’t retarget them if they made a purchase, they’re converted
  • Time your retargeting to refocus customers as opposed to bombarding them

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