What Is Re-targeting?

When you are trying to capture the attention of your public, you do not want to run the risk of missing out on a possible conversion. This is frustrating when your website has a fairly high bounce rate. Getting back the possibility of converting this traffic is possible with the help of retargeting. This is the method by which those who have left your site without making a purchase will see advertisements for your business elsewhere that they travel online. This is done through the use of AdWords and Google in particular.

The Effect of AdWords on Re-targeting

AdWords retargeting means that any time you are searching for something else utilising specific keywords, your advertisement will pop up on the site you travel to. This works because many of the websites generate income through the use of AdWords. By utilising an account you set up with AdWords, you will be charged each time your retargeting advertisement shows up on another site even if there is no click. Companies like Smart SEO can help to create this kind of marketing campaign so you will generate even better results for your business.

How Google Helps with Re-targeting

When you are using Google retargeting, you will be able to have a second, third or even tenth shot at targeting those who have visited your site. This is done through the use of tracking cookies that remain in the browsing history. By putting your company name in front of the people who have displayed interest in your company, you will have a better chance at turning traffic into sales. Of course, this happens behind the scenes and most people do not even know it is happening, so it will seem like a coincidence that your ad is popping up which leads more people to revisit your site.

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