Why You Should Not Be Scared of Panda Updates

The Panda updates have been a major thorn in the side of many web developers. This is because it has caused a disruption in the flow of traffic directed towards their websites. Of course, if you are following some of the overlying rules that Google has, it is possible to be almost completely unaffected by the different updates that Google will go through every few weeks. This means creating only White Hat Organic SEO content for your site as well as making sure that all the links are created naturally.

Google Penguin algorithm change

White Hat Organic SEO
It is easier to keep the Panda updates from upsetting the flow of traffic to your site as long as you are using only Organic SEO. This is a form of SEO that targets the needs of your users above all else. This has to do with content creation, media and more. By making sure that all content is created with the sole purpose of benefitting your clients, you are able to assure that the traffic you receive will appreciate landing on your site rather than feeling tricked into doing so. This part of what the updates have been trying to improve upon.

Naturally Created Links
The links that are directed at your site need to be completely natural. This means that as buzz increases about your site that it will be natural for you to have more links from those interested in your site. This is something the Panda updates are really watching for, so back linking campaigns have to be very careful to generate links slowly and only on sites where it will make sense for there to be a link leading to your site. This will allow you to keep gaining traffic even when more updates are put into effect.

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