Regaining Web Position by Eliminating Unnatural Links

Most webmasters have been receiving a lot of email from Google recently. Unfortunately, the emails have not all been positive. One of the emails that webmasters have been dreading with changes to the Google Algorithm, specifically the Panda updates, is the emails that indicate that the site is in violation with unnatural links. Before Panda, webmasters were taking advantage of links through link building strategies in which thousands of links were created daily. This generated higher rankings and more profits. Google shut the door on this and many innocent webmasters got caught in the mire.

New Panda Face of SEO

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Don’t Ignore the Email

The best advice is to not ignore the email you receive from Google. If you know about any unnatural links that have been generated recently, get rid of them as soon as possible. This will help to keep you from being banned or suffer a severe drop in your ranking. If you did not create any unnatural links to your site, it will not matter in the eyes of Google. Inaction is tantamount to an admission of guilt and will result in a severe penalty.

Get Help with Removing Links

You can call a company like Smart SEO to help in getting rid of these links. They will go to the Google Webmaster Tools and look at the most recent links to your site. This will allow you to see exactly what links are directed at your site right now so you can make some changes. Some of the emails have been generated using examples of the unnatural links. This is highly beneficial when searching for the links that need to be removed in order to maintain a higher position online. Just remember to take some action before your ranking with Google is severely affected.

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