Webmasters Affected by Removal of “Not Selected” from Google Webmaster Tools

Webmasters utilise a variety of different tools available through the Google Webmaster Tools Index Status report. These tools help to create websites that are viable to the ultimate customer as well as creating sites that capture a higher ranking with Google and other search engines. The webmaster tools offered by Google help to create sites that are effective and useful. This is why some have been upset by the removal of the “not selected” option in the tools.

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Why “Not Selected” Was Removed
Google felt that the “not selected” data was creating more confusion than it was providing answers to the webmasters using it. In fact, there are many websites that could benefit from the use of the “not selected” tool and have been using it as a part of their algorithm for a while now. Notwithstanding, Google takes the position of trying to make sure that the tools being offered are providing the most useful materials for a wide range of webmasters. While there are those that are considered power users who might find this act as a ‘dumbing down’ of the system, others have been appreciative of the change.
SEO Companies Getting In on the Act

Companies like Smart SEO can help to make sense of this and other Webmaster Tools used to create the strongest and most effective sites. These professionals understand the changes in the different tools and how they can hurt or benefit your site. While Google may claim that this caused confusion in the counting of links that are pointed at a site, some webmasters will drop in their ranking as a result of the change. Professional SEO companies can help to regain that position while retooling the website to maintain a higher position even in changes to Google Panda.

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