SEO No-Nos for 2013

The Best SEO Agency will tell you there are several SEO tactics that have become less than desirable due to the new way Google algorithms work. Here are a few things you should know and that a Full Service SEO Company can help you avoid:

  • There’s no need to mention that you shouldn’t participate in the very underhanded tactic of keyword stuffing, however you also want to be cautious with how you use Meta tags. Meta tags should only be used for optimising your click through. Nothing more.
  • Blah blogs are not worth the pages they are typed on. Although we know that content is key to SEO, poorly written blogs do nothing for you.
  • A site made just for PC viewing is not worth its weight in anything. Fluid design that adapts to the mobile device of many palms is the way to go. Think responsive web design.
  • Don’t be anti-social. Social media marketing is getting more notice with Google and having your place on the social media scene is where it’s at.
  • Directories don’t work. Having your site listed on a directory won’t help so don’t do it and especially don’t pay for directories. People don’t use them any more because it is quicker and easier just to do a Google search.
  • Don’t disregard your local directories. Working with Google maps and Google Business directories helps you target your local audience.

One of the most important no-nos is to assume you are following Google Guidelines. The constant changes to Google Panda and Penguin can prove dangerous to your SEO strategy. The difference between white hat and black hat tactics can change in a moment and having someone dedicated to following the latest updates Google is making to their algorithms is necessary to stay on top of SEO and be certain you do not inadvertently end up with rank suppression.

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