6 Things You Should Know to Get More from SEO in 2013

SEO was dealt a few blows throughout the year of 2012. All of the changes in Panda and Penguin have created improvements in the way that people search, but they have also created major challenges for SEO professionals. In order to usurp the changes in SEO to your advantage, there are a few things to consider when developing a better SEO campaign for 2013.

How a search engine determines duplicate content

Pay Attention to Content Quality
Google has made it plain that the only way to rank well with their service anymore is to make sure that the content you are using is of good quality. This means making sure that all content is unique and provides useful content to the reader. Thin content, or content that does not address the needs of the reader, will tend to drag the site down.

Mobile Optimised Sites
Mobile devices have been responsible for more than 16% of the searches online. For this reason, local searches are becoming more important in the realm of SEO and PPC. It is essential to create sites that can be viewed just as easily on the desktop browsers as they can on mobile browsers. Smartphones and tablets and the software used to browse the internet must be taken into consideration to get better results.

Building trust through SEM

Marketing Content Online
Content is king! This is true not only in the content that you have on your site, but also in the content marketing you are involved in throughout the internet. The idea is to create the useful content that will create backlinks as well as attract the interest of potential clients. High quality content generates respect for your business by indicating your understanding and professional position in the market. The challenge is to create enough high quality content for placement throughout the internet so better results are possible.

social media plan and design

Using Google+1 and Other Social Signals
Google, Bing and Facebook all have methods for users to quickly and easily share content with others. Whether it is through a +1 on Google or a share on Facebook, it is possible for users to easily show what they are interested in and share it with their friends. This is also integrated into the searches that are conducted online. Facebook has recently launched the social graph search that will change the way most people will search online and has to be considered in order to gain better exposure.

Tags Including the Rel=Author
Tags on content have even more influence when tagged by the right people. The best tags come from high placed influencers. Site owners seek out everyone from celebrities to authors to bloggers to get the influencer tag that will offer better results. The people who follow an influencer will be led to content that they tag and will bring in more interest from a wider range of people. It generates buzz and provides a way to get a conversation started.

Six simple steps to image optimization

Images and Videos Relevant to Content
As content is created, it should have a video or an image attached to it. This is due to the fact that the best content ranks higher when it utilises some form of media rather than strictly text. Media that is relevant to the content provides an even higher return. The best images are unique and will not be found anywhere else. Tagging these with names that relate to the content and the keywords gets even more of a response.

These six methods for SEO provide you with the best understanding of how to get more results for your site. Smart SEO can help with providing the assistance to incorporate these factors into your SEO campaign.

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