Making Changes to Incorporate the Latest Google AdWords Changes

Google AdWords has just rolled out the biggest change in the scope of their operation for the last 5 years. This incorporates changes that they are hoping will give users better advantages when they are searching by giving search results that are optimised for the way people live their lives. Taking a look at these changes will help in creating the optimised site for the best results.

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The Changes Google Made
In the previous version, it was necessary to target the platform people were using for searches. This meant that those who had a mobile version of their site could get the results they were looking for by targeting the mobile crowd in a separate campaign from their desktop campaign. This is no longer the case.

The newest version incorporates searches to best match what the user is looking for regardless of the version being used. Google now places a higher importance on the hours of an operation as well as the location of the business. Those looking for a restaurant on their mobile phone are more likely looking to go to the restaurant while someone looking on a desktop is more likely to be looking for delivery or takeout. Optimised content to take advantage of these changes means better results for the website.

Changes in the Web Design
While many big brands will only need to combine their different marketing campaigns, smaller businesses will need to make sure that their sites are optimised for mobile devices. The search engine will direct mobile traffic to the site and if it is not ready, you will not get the best results. The most effected are businesses with a tablet only platform because they will no longer get the results they are looking for. Immediate changes to incorporate the new changes will result in the best resturn.


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