Ideas to Enhance Your Online Advertising with Retargeting

Here are a few ideas to help enhance your  retargeting campaigns:

Google Adwords Retargeting

Google understands how people search better than anyone. They can also offer insights into what they do once their search has ended. Google Adwords for retargeting offers many benefits including:

  • Flexibility makes Google one of the most attractive modes of advertising for many varied campaign strategies because they get the concept of pay as you go better than anyone out there.
  • Targeted audiences can be so precise with Google they can even offer you an audience of people who almost made it to the finish line but then decided to abandon their purchase at the last minute. Who knows why, the point is they may still be waiting to finish that purchase and just need a little nudge.
  • The Google Display Network offers you a reach and depth that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.
  • Customization offers endless amounts of control from creating your own image and video ads to selecting which sites your ad should appear and bidding for the price you find worth paying.

Other Strategies

Here are a few more strategies to keep your retargeting efforts working for you:

  • Be there, but not too often. Retargeting should offer a gentle reminder to those who have visited your site that you are still there. Popping up everywhere will just get them…. Cranky.
  • Work with one online marketing team to reap the benefits of online advertising. If you work with more than one you will almost be working against yourself.
  • Use programmatic site retargeting (PSR) to find the best people to retarget. In other words work with an online marketing company that knows how to target your retarget.

Google Advertising

The Google Advertising Sydney businesses depend on to build their traffic uses many tools to get you noticed including Google Adwords, Google Maps, Google Business Directories and more. They will know the best tools to suit your business needs and will be able to work with the tools to suit your budget.


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