The Benefits of Facebook Advertising: Facebook Timeline

If you are still uncertain about using Facebook to boost your business, take a look at one of the options Facebook is now offering brands: Facebook Timelines.

Facebook Timeline

Timeline works like a scrapbook and diary/blog, allowing you to show aspects of your brand with a huge option for photo images. It was launched by Facebook in September and may have taken some people off guard. However, once on board, most businesses may never look back.

Focus on Images

Your brand will be front and centre with Timeline as images are a big part of Timeline. With better exposure above the fold, Timeline allows you to constantly change what followers will see when they visit your page. No longer the domain of tiny thumbnails in limited quantities. A focus on images will allow you to show off your brand, highlight promos and let your creativity shine. You can also allow for followers to enlarge photos on their page as they see fit.

More above the Fold Info

Not just images have prominence above the fold. The entire page layout is designed for better interaction and a more valuable space allotted to quick and easy referencing for visitors who can easily get a glimpse of the important stuff in the new layout. Instead of just encouraging conversations, Timeline is designed to offer information and build your brand. Less focus on interaction and more focus on transaction let Facebook Advertising Australia hit people front and centre allowing them to absorb all of your important messages before they even realize you are advertising.

Creating Content Effectively and Efficiently

Timeline offers a new format for you to create a blog, engage customers and create a following. People no longer have to feel compelled to join the conversation. Instead all they have to do is read, learn and be entertained. This offers a very affordable very effective tool to grow your business and raise brand awareness.


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