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The biggest challenge you may face when trying to create articles for content on your website is coming up with editorial content that is constantly changing while offering interesting, relevant information to your readers. Article writing Australia websites require must have clever angles and engaging style that the other guy hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet.

An Angle for Every Season

Seasonal twists help build a base for your editorial calendar. Stare at a calendar and think about what you do. It doesn’t have to be exactly what you do. It can be related or unrelated: it just has to tie in with the use of the right keywords. It has to be organic.

Intrigue through Quirkiness

If you are a cell phone company for example, you can look up some of the funniest cell phone stories like strange ways people lose their phones, embarrassing situations of phones being stolen or texting contests in Japan. Quirky works very well when made into top 5 lists or top things to avoid. Any number of fun facts in lists can generate interest.

Location, Location, Location

Maybe you are a restaurant located in an area still up and coming. Feature yourself as an expert in that area. Write articles about local flare that no one has discovered yet. Speak to non competitive businesses, services and shops that will bring people to the area. Feature guest bloggers of locals and invite people in the area to come up with ideas about events and community happenings. You can draw attention to yourself while creating interest in your hidden gem of a location.

Feature of the Week

If you create, create a feature that tells people how to do something new every week. If you are an interior decorator maybe it is the colour palette of the week. If you are a landscaper maybe it is seasonal troubleshooting for the week. If you are a cleaning company feature a stain of the week. Entertain and teach. That’s probably your best combination for the article writing Sydney residence will love.

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