How Many Words You Need When Investing in Article Writing

When promoting your website, you will surely discover the need for great article writing. This is an art form in and of itself when it comes to SEO. You not only need to make sure to have a constant influx of user friendly articles, but they need to be organised in such a way to get the right kind of attention from the search engines. This is why many will concentrate on the article length for the articles. As the experts at Smart SEO can explain to you, the length of the article is not as important as the content and the placement of the articles.

Why Length is Less Important

The first thing to know in article writing is that the length is an arbitrary number. Some will tell you that 300 words is the magic number while others believe you need articles of 1,000+ words. The best article writing Australia has to offer centres on the content making sure to use the number of words necessary to eloquently and succinctly portray the information. Natural looking sites with variations in article lengths will capture more attention from the search engines because they seem more organic.

Where Articles Should Be Placed

The placement of your articles is very important. The article writing Sydney local companies use will tend to focus on placement on the site as well as on the different local sites and Google Maps. Directories are a good place when looking to get local as well as national and international attention. The importance here is focusing on the keywords being used in the article writing so that the articles will gain the right kind of attention. Commissioning articles should focus on creating minimums and making sure that the articles are placed where they can do the most good.


how many words you need when investing in article writing

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