Does Your Business Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Web Site?

Australian mobile website design provides a better experience for visitors using a mobile device. There is also the option of creating a mobile app for visitors to download and use when visiting your site. Here is what each option brings to the table.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app is a designed specifically for your site and will allow users to see your site perfectly when viewing it from a mobile device. This means you have to hire someone to design it as well as someone to house it and sell it for you as well as:

  • An app developed for each platform. This is good in that you would than have a site that appeals to all users, but bad because it can be costly.
  • Approval from each device’s app store and you would have to sell or at least have a home on their site to get your app out there.
  • Users would have to opt to download your app but once they do they can use your app even if they are offline.
  • App stores will take a cut of the sales.
  • Your app would always run with high performance for an excellent user experience.

Mobile Web Site

A mobile web site is a site designed specifically for mobile device use. Keeping in mind there are many devices, you can provide a perfect layout with common platform solutions. A mobile website also:

  • Can be accessed without downloading anything and is available as long as the user has Wi-Fi.
  • Is searchable by search engines.
  • Easier to support and maintain than an app.
  • There is of course no revenue sharing as nothing is being sold.
  • You will be at the mercy of the user’s connection and the design of the site as to how well it performs.

Responsive Web Design

Another great solution for Australian mobile websites is to opt for a responsive web design that will bring fluidity to your site allowing it to adapt to the browser from which it is viewed.

Mobile Websites

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