Australian Article Writing for Online Content

Australian Article Writing for Online Content

Approaching articles for your content as you would a publication will allow you to succeed in delivering relevant content that will help you develop a loyal readership much like that of a leading magazine.

Prepare a Calendar

Successful magazines layout their articles months in advance. You should be using the same premise for your content. Look at the year and look for articles that would fall naturally into place under seasonal information. If your business does not have seasonal tie ins, try to think of other influences that will help dictate a logical calendar driven program that will help you find a way to present regular articles to your readers throughout the year.

Find Some Experts

Within your company you will have natural talent who can help create personas for your editorial team. Using these people’s faces can be effective, but if they aren’t too keen on that than use their expertise to drive content and to create an industry expert. You may have trouble recruiting staff, but ask around, post it as a “job” and see what happens. If you’re lucky experts will start coming out of the wood work.

Find a Voice

Every good magazine has a voice that is consistent throughout their publication. You want to do the same and using a few different personalities is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the general goal of each article is consistent.

Find a Goal

Much like your business may have a mission statement, creating a similar statement regarding your content will keep you focused. Decide who your audience is, what you are trying to tell them and why you are trying to tell them that. Hold those standards up to each article.

Find Social Media

Set yourself up on social media and listen to your followers. They will be a great resource for article ideas.

Find an Australian Article Writing Service

Work with a writing service who knows SEO and preferably one that offers an Australian guaranteed SEO service to spin your expertise into something of value to drive traffic and raise your ranking.

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