5 Brick and Mortar Tactics to Apply to Your Online Shop

You may not have the capital to open up a brick and mortar shop, but using the same tactics to get your online shop up and running may serve you well.

1.Australia Small Business SEO Services

You would hire a real estate agent to help you find your shop, so hire an Australia small business SEO company to help find your platform. They will help you find the “shop” that suits your needs and helps you create a store people will want to visit again and again.

2.Welcoming Shop Front

Much like a customer will pop in to your shop if it looks interesting and professional, you want your website to offer the same premise. Welcoming home pages with easy to determine departments are helpful when you’re not there to greet your customer and ask the important question: “Can I help you find anything?”

3.Shop Departments

Easy navigation is the next best thing to helpful staff. Allowing your customer’s to easily find the department they are seeking will bring them to their destination sooner and make them more inclined to complete their transaction. A layered browsing tool is a must to simplify shopping.

4.Perfect the Shopping Cart

Although the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the squeaky shopping cart is usually left at the side of the aisle. Keep them moving and keep them adding things to the cart. Australia shopping cart websites that are successful include:

  • Wish lists
  • Price comparisons
  • Smooth transition from step to step
  • Secure check out

5.Location, Location, Location

What’s important for bricks and mortar and is just as important for eCommerce. Good location online depends on your location on search rankings. To get to the top is equivalent to being in the best neighbourhood in town. A good SEO company will use built-in SEO services as part of their eCommerce platform to help customers find you.

Treating your online business like a brick and mortar shop will keep you focused on your customer’s needs. The rest will fall into place.

slow sites equal less sales

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