SEO Companies Must Use White Hat Tactics

White hat versus black hat tactics is the difference between being on the up and up and lying.

Black Hat Tactics

The Australia Search Engine Optimisation marketing company that uses black hat tactics uses underhanded ways to get your website noticed. Some examples of black hat tactics include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Invisible text for search engines to find
  • Doorway pages

In other words, they use tactics that Google does not find ethical. You do not want Google to think that of you.

White Hat Tactics

The Australia SEO companies that use white hat tactics focus on building awareness of your site and raising your ranking using honest, above board tactics that include:

  • Quality content
  • Well earned links
  • Persuasive and useful articles
  • Original ideas and themes
  • Business smarts

In other words, they use tactics that not only Google appreciates and finds honest and trustworthy, but tactics that build you up to your clients as honest and trustworthy.

Guarantees Don’t Cut It

If you are thinking to yourself, “But they guaranteed my ranking,” that is not uncommon. Guarantees are of course good, but you want to have proof they are using white hat tactics or that guarantee isn’t worth much. You could spend a lot of money that you could in theory get back if things don’t work out, but just remember black hat tactics get you something far worse than a itching feeling called your conscience. They can get your ranking suppressed. For a long, long time.

Up Front and Up Top

The companies that will show you strategy, tactic by tactic, and prove they have gotten other companies to the top, is the company you want to deal with. They will offer guarantees as well, but their guarantees are good ones because you will never have to ask for your money back. Using white hat tactics will get you to the top and get you noticed for the right reasons which means traffic and ultimately business. And that’s what it’s all about.

the nature of black hat seo

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