New Opportunities Arise with Google In-depth Articles

When you are using all you’ve got to produce Australian SEO articles and content, you may not have depended on web services in the past. However, SEO firms may become more in demand with the latest opportunities Google is offering with in-depth articles.

Just Three In-depth Articles

Google has found that 10 per cent of those searching for information are looking for some really good quality long documents to give them juicy, insightful stuff they can really sink their teeth into. Knowing this, Google has provided a new result at the bottom of the search page that lists exactly three in-depth articles about the subject. As it stands, this is new and actually only applies to broad searches. It also appears that the majority of articles that appear are by prominent authors from large publications such as the New Yorker, The Guardian and the New York Times. But Google is insistent that they are looking for the most valid information as with any of their searches and the little guy has just as much of a chance to get listed as these major players. The question is how?

Brace Yourself for In-depth Articles

So what are these new rules? Brace yourself:

  • Schema Mark-up: Schema provides the microdata to help search engines find you. It just uses a bit of a different way to show headlines, tagged images, SEO title tags for sub heads, Meta tag descriptions, the date of the article and the body of your article. You need someone who knows how to do this to make it work well.
  • Authorship:  You can use the Google + profile to provide the details you need to add legitimacy to yourself and your articles. Include a photo and the information that makes you an expert. Add your business logo for an even more legit profile and list it as part of your schema organizational mark-up. You might need help with this as well.
  • First Click Free: This is great for sites that use content to capture subscribers and contact email addresses. These sites often have some of the best content, that’s why you have to pay or register to access it. First click free allows people to read the articles they searched up but than they must register if they want more.
  • Original Images: You could have gotten away with used images before, but original artwork and images are needed to get noticed for in-depth articles.

Journalistic Style

It’s also going to be helpful to have a background in journalism, as these articles must be well researched, well written and big on value not just long on words. In-depth articles provide a new opportunity to set yourself up as an authority in your business and really start making a name for yourself. But this also means following some new rules to add to your current Australian SEO tactics which might mean finding one of the SEO firms in Australia that has the knowledge to assist you in making the cut.

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