Leveraging Google: Affordable Advertising for Small Businesses

Google Advertising is by far one of the most affordable options for small businesses. There are so many flexible services and some that are even free. There are options for online advertising that you can use as a small business owner and Google prices are some of the most affordable around. Here’s a look at some great advertising ideas leveraging Google.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click

Many small businesses do not realize they can increase traffic to their site and/or store by investing as little as $10 per day in Google Adwords and pay per click options. With the right choice of long tail keywords hammered out with a good SEO company you can help draw traffic and get conversions quickly and affordably with little effort or investment. You can’t beat Google prices.

Google Places

Google Places offers excellent exposure to the local business trying to get noticed. Simply go online and register and you can start getting new clients right away. Make sure you provide as much information as possible and register for all of Google’s services using the exact same information. This improves your odds of being first up for your area and service. Be sure to use your local number and not your toll free number as Google will recognize the phone number based on location.

Google Maps Prices

Google Maps has so many virtues it is hard to list in one place. When you work with Google maps you are opening up even more opportunities and ways for customers to find you. As a local business tool it speaks volumes and it can also be used for advanced applications using API. This tool is excellent for real estate companies who want to give an amazing quick tour and there are also analytical tools you can use to find out how people are using Google Maps and use them to fine tune how yours appears. Working with a strong online marketing firm you can discover all of the uses and just how affordable Google maps prices are as well.

Using Google Indirectly

You can also take advantage of Google’s search engines by keeping valuable, fresh and original content on your site. Blogging, articles and now even longer, in-depth articles can all help get you closer to the top ranking of Google searches. This is all free and having someone on your side that knows how to use SEO to their advantage will then work to your advantage by getting you noticed. You can even seek out ways to get your blogs published on other sites or find local services complementary to yours and see if you can exchange links. All of these ideas can provide you with free exposure leveraging Google’s search engines.

Small businesses can use all the help they can get. It is competitive out there, but helping set you up as the local expert will do wonders for creating a name for yourself. Google provides the exact services you need to raise your profile, generate traffic and help you to succeed.


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