How to Succeed with Google Advertising

Google offers advertisers a vast array of options when seeking increased exposure online.  While Google AdWords prices cause some businesses to shy away, the ROI offered by Google advertising more than compensates for the lofty rates.  As a business owner, you’ll want to find ways of attracting traffic to your website in order to drive revenue.  While there are multiple strategies that can give you the results, Google advertising has been proven again and again to be among the leaders of the pack.  When you’re ready to launch your ad campaign, consider these tips to help you succeed.

  1. Dynamic Search Ads
  2. This AdWords function allows users to show your ads automatically based solely on the content of your site.  This will save time in keyword research, as all you’ll need to do is tell Google when a page is added to your site and you will be given the opportunity to create an ad for each unique URL.

  3. Email Extensions
  4. This new option offered by Google starting in 2012 gives you the option of including email sign-up in your ad.  This gives you an ideal platform for a successful email marketing campaign and it can easily be included in your ad.

  5. Remarketing
  6. This process will allow businesses to retarget users that click on your ad, but leave the shopping cart.  By utilising a small piece of code, your Google remarketing can be set up with ease.

  7. Tag Manager
  8. The Google Tag Manager allows you to quickly update any of your website tags.  Without the use of code or any technical support, users can update tags for free in order to remarket ads.

  9. User Engagement Targeting
  10. This option, which launched in 2012, allows advertisers to use skippable ads on YouTube.  That means you only pay for the ad when users watch the video.  This gives you a high ROI so you can maximise your advertising budget.

  11. Mobile
  12. Mobile has become a huge part of the online marketplace.  Google advertising gives you the ability to harness the power of mobile marketing including a “click to call” feature.  There are multiple extensions to include in your mobile ad setup, making it easy to get the most out of your Google AdWords campaign.

  13. Long Tail Keywords
  14. By targeting longer keywords, you are able to get a higher return on investment and gain cheaper traffic for your site.

    Google Maps and Google Advertising

    Google advertising is a crucial element of any successful online marketing campaign.  When you’re ready to find out more about Google AdWords pricing and get your campaign started, you’ll want to contact experts in the field.  That’s where Smart SEO comes in.  With personalised attention to all aspects of your campaign, you can easily find the success you’re after.

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