How to Combine SEO and Social Media to your Advantage

Internet Marketing is becoming more and more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The Australian Social Media Marketing you are just starting to dip your toe into offers many opportunities and you can combine your marketing efforts between what you are trying to do with SEO and Social Media with great success.

Use those Keywords

It varies from company to company who is driving the social media train. It could be a clever sort from an agency, it could be someone in your customer service department or it could be you (accusing finger pointing in your direction). It doesn’t matter who it is as long as they are good at it and have the proper tools to use social media to your full advantage. Using SEO as part of your social media efforts is just as important as it is for your content. Make sure that whatever keywords you are using for your content are fed to your social media guru and that they use them religiously in their efforts. It is important the keywords appear in your tweets and in fact, it has been shown that tweets actually have more influence on your ranking than inbound links. So there you go.

Use Google Analytics to Track Social Media

You can do it yourself or work with your SEO or online marketing agency, but you want to set yourself up in Google Analytics to track your social media progression. This will allow you to see an overview of all activity from site pages to social media posts.

Social Media

Links all Over

You want to link back to your content from social media sites and link to your social media sites from your content. Having buttons appear on all of your web site pages is a must. Make sure whoever is posting your updates and tweets knows how to do embedded links and all that jazz as well as to be familiar with your most recent content. There should be a smooth transition of sharing between all of your social media and your web pages so that you create both in bound and outbound links.

Use Keywords in Hash Tags and Title Tags

We already mentioned keywords, but you have to be certain you are using them in your hash tags and post titles as well. This is very important because title tags are one of the most important aspects to on page rankings.

Use Thoughtful and Useful Meta Tag Descriptions

Your meta tag descriptions will show up on your Facebook links in searches so be certain there is some thought put into them so they make sense for people reading them and make them want to connect.

Measure your Effectiveness

Social media has to be measured just like any other marketing tactic. Make sure you have someone keeping an eye using Google analytics, but also to see responses, if you are going viral and what works and what doesn’t in your pursuit of the truth.

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