How to Use SMO to Boost Traffic

Australian social media optimisation can really help to boost your traffic. Australian social networking is becoming second nature to many people who tweet, post and flickr their way through life. Speaking to them through their favourite medium will help raise your profile and may even encourage a following.

Get Accounts Everywhere

You should have accounts on all the major social media sites and use a vanity URL that is similar on all of them. You can use the same title on each site so if you sell ice cream and your name is Bruce you use “Bruce’s awesome ice cream” in every one of your accounts across the board for consistent branding and to let people know yep, it’s the right Bruce.

Be Consistent on Your About Pages

It’s not enough to have accounts. You have to fill all of your info out so people know who you are and so the search engines can find you. Use keywords on your About and/or Profile pages consistently and tell your story consistently as well.

Use Location, Location, Location

Attracting locals to your business is very important so make sure your location is mentioned throughout your social media pages and in your keywords as well. This is particularly important to Australian social networking as we create pages for all of the locations we service.

Stay Dynamic

You will of course have some pretty static stuff on your pages, but you need to keep things moving for the most part. Post daily or even hourly content if you have something worthwhile to say. Pictures, offers, videos: whatever you got that is worthy of note, keep it coming so people know you are there and that you are alive and kicking.

Use Hash Tags

Just to get a feel for how important hash tags are on twitter: A woman actually named her child hash tag or at least got a lot of attention posting it on her Facebook page; Jimmy Fallon has a special hash tag segment on his night time show and there’s an actual website called

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