Pay Per Click or Free SEO: What’s best for you?

You’ve heard the term SEO at cocktail parties and conferences, but you got bored and stopped listening. You may have even heard about pay per click but weren’t too interested because you heard the word pay and thought, “Nope, no budget for that.” But it’s time you started to pay attention and find out what’s what. It’s Australian SEO vs. PPC.

Pay Per Click

We’ll start with pay per click because it’s easier. PPC is exactly what it sounds like. You use SEO techniques working with Google Adwords to find the best keywords for your business and you only pay for the visitors you get. Your link will appear in a shaded area above the organic search. An Australian pay per click company will help you find the best bets for your adwords and what will be the most worthy ones to bid on. You can get to the top of the rankings with a pay per click campaign but you have to consider that users are five times more likely to click on the organic search results than those of the paid for ads. Generally people figure if you paid for the spot you’re going to sell them something instead of teach them something.

Search Engine Optimization

So, you are up against the organic searches that depend on SEO to get them the top rankings when you go with PPC. PPC is less likely to get the users to bite because there is less trust in paid for links. SEO takes far more work than PPC. You will also pay good money for SEO services or you probably won’t get top rankings. SEO companies will work with you to create content and use content to get you noticed. Good content is important. Unique content is imperative. Understanding how and where to use key words and key phrases is a science.


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