Using Hash tags to Build Online Presence

Twitter introduced hash tags to allow people to organize their tweets and allow businesses to promote their brands and products. The Best SEO Agency will help you use hash tags for your promotions and events as well as come up with a strategy to use them effectively. You will then also be able to see how they are trending and figure out how effective they have been.

Does Anyone Care About Hash tags?

Yes they do. In fact the word hash tag was voted word of the year in 2012 by the American Lexical Society. Hash tags are a source of entertainment for many and are even featured on many television shows. Jimmy Fallon actually comes up with hash tags of interest to encourage people to tweet about their experiences from #beachfail to #mydoctorisweird. Hash tags create hype and help people find topics of interest when visiting a twitter page.

How Hash tags Promote Business

The Best SEO Company Australia uses know how to use hash tags to promote products and offers. It can take as little as a few hours for a successful hash tag to start trending. You can create excitement about an event or campaign by using a hash tag a few weeks out from your event. You can then continue to post a few times a day with updates, intriguing facts and even teasers about what is going on. This will help keep people interested.

How Hash tags Help During the Event

You can continue to tweet during the event with updates about what’s going on a still attract people as they see what they are missing. You can keep the tweets online for people who miss the event but want to know what happened. This will work in your favour to keep people interested and they may be more likely to attend next time so they don’t feel like the loser who missed out on all the fun.

Final Analysis

Once all is tweeted and done you will have dependable analytics to use for your next hash tag campaign. The info collected will give you insight into your target market as well as clue you in to what the audience liked and disliked.

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