Mobile Websites: Use Social Media to Build Your Company

Underestimating the power of social media in today’s marketplace is detrimental to the success of businesses large and small.  From start-ups to established companies, social media networks create powerful marketing results.  When building a company, the right use of social media networks can help a business grow by leaps and bounds.  By understanding the ins and outs of social media networks, your business will be able to stand out from the crowd.  When it comes to mobile websites, Smart SEO can provide full service solutions to help your business rise to the top of the market.

The Role of Social Media in Mobile Websites in Australia

Like traditional website design, mobile websites in Australia rely on the successful use of SEO strategies, marketing, and other techniques.  Social media is at the core of any marketing strategy – even more so when establishing a new business.  Social media networks have the power to address company goals on multiple levels:

  • Sales / HR: When in search of ways of networking with customers and potential employees, Facebook and LinkedIn are the solution.
  • Public Relations: Building loyalty and credibility involves generating a positive buzz about the business and its offerings.  Through the use of Digg, Reddit, YouTube, StumbleUpon and other networks, it’s possible to spread the word about the features and benefits of your products.
  • Marketing: Placing content on multiple channels broadens your reach.  Networks like Newsvine and Reddit are at the core of traffic generation for mobile websites.
  • Senior Level: For senior level managers and leaders, a blog is an ideal way of connecting with customers through the sharing of relevant content.

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