Leveraging Google’s New Paid and Organic Report for Your SEM

Adwords Online Advertising has long been providing many businesses with an affordable way to advertise. Whether seeking PPC or larger campaigns, many an SEM agency has had great success providing valued services leveraging Google Adwords and other tools to assist businesses in getting their names on the map. Google has announced the introduction of a new Paid and Organic report, which is designed to assist companies in increasing their search footprint by providing access to side-by-side analytics on how their SEM is performing.


The Tools that help you Work Smarter

When it comes to Web Marketing Australia, Google provides many valuable tools to assist in tracking the progress of online marketing tactics. Google allows users to discover just about anything they need to track their efforts including:

  • Google Analytics Search Overview: Tracks the traffic type and the sources sending you traffic
  • Webmaster Tools Search Queries: The search queries that have sent people to your site
  • Adword Search Terms Reports: Search terms that offer higher potential for your site being found while eliminating those of little value
  • Adwords Impression Share Reports: Comparison of your share of impressions versus everyone else

The introduction of their new Paid and Organic Report now allows you to perform a side-by-side comparison of your organic listing, paid for ad or both and how they overlap.

How to Leverage this New Info

You might be wondering what is so great about this new tool. Here is how it helps and how you can leverage the new info you receive:

  • Keywords to improve SEM: You can look for keywords that only appear under organic searches and not under associated ads and use these with new focus for your Adwords.
  • High value queries: You can better position yourself in paid results and see how your organic results are doing for high value queries.
  • Track impact:  Have easy access to report back on testing for either your site or your Adwords across organic, paid and now even more clearly on combined traffic.

Synergy in Action

Whether it is you trying to manage the information or a knowledgeable SEM agency who can help you weed through the findings you will now be able to see synergy more clearly and identify where organic, paid and the combination of the two are working. You can access the information on one page and select from a number of tabs to drill down further allowing you to identify new keywords, weed out ineffective search terms and prepare your own reports to share with your business teams in order to prove your marketing strategy is working, as well as how you have improved your strategy using the information available through the paid and organic report.

One of the users of the paid and organic report told Google that they saw an 18 per cent increase in CTR when they compared organic alone versus the combination of organic and paid. These click throughs mean higher conversions and the proof is in the pudding, which is now easier to find.

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