Growing Web Design Trends to Follow

The web design Sydney companies should be watching for are easy trends to follow. When working with a Sydney Web Design company you will want to be certain they are considering these trends so you don’t wind up having to revisit your site less than a year after it is designed. Keep in mind that most websites these days are pretty volatile and in a constant state of change. You can’t be static on today’s Internet and keep people engaged. Here are a few Sydney web design trends you can keep in mind as you create or grow your site.

Give it up to the App

People love Apps and they love the way they move. Apps are very fluid and easy to use in most cases. They provide an interactive experience that is pleasing and quick. People use Apps because they solve a problem and help them work smarter. Your website could take a few notes from App design in order to become user friendly, responsive and popular. This means you need to work with your Sydney web design team to come up with ideas that will provide visitors with interactive tools that will help them solve a problem when they arrive. From quick quotes, to quick answers, you can get more conversions with a site that has “App”peal.

Slash the Flash

Any Sydney web design company that convinces you to use Flash is a very bad web design company. HTML 4 and CSS are the applications most sites are using and that are also appreciated by Google. Google doesn’t like Flash so you are setting yourself up for failure if you use it.

Responsive Web Design

This trend has taken up steam and most designers are embracing it. It may cost more money but basically you are speaking to your audience far more clearly by using it. Responsive web design provides fluidity to your site so that no matter what browser they are using they are seeing what they need to on their screen. From a small smart phone to a tablet or PC, responsive web design provides the user friendly view that helps with conversions and avoids people leaving your site frustrated with a stiff finger from scrolling.

Endless Scroooooooolling

No it’s not a typo. The vertical scroll that never ends is a popular feature on sites as people can just keep scroooooooolling until they find what they want. Some people might get frustrated with it, but for the most part people respond well to the infinite scroll. Creating a site using an endless scroll is important as people are expecting them more and more. Infinite scrolls are also far more mobile user friendly as they fit perfectly within the screen and allow them to scroll easily and at a glance as opposed to having to renavigate their screen to fit in a horizontal scroll. You can ditch any kind of horizontal scroll, as this is tres passé and also annoying to visitors.  Vertical is where it’s at and infinite endless scroll is even better.

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