Using a CDN to Increase Your Website Speed

When you are working with an SEO Service and Website Hosting company your website is in their hands. It is up to them to keep your site noticeable and user friendly. Having a site that is slow and clunky makes people leave your site and find your competitors. Even if your agency is managing your SEO service admirably and bringing in the traffic, if your website hosting team drops the ball you will be losing visitors.

What is a CDN – Content Delivery Tool?

This is a good question and one you should be asking your website hosting company. A CDN will aid in the speed of your website. Many SEO companies may not realize that Google actually factors in the speed of your site. Remember, Google wants people to keep using them just as much as you want your users to become frequent visitors. They don’t want to send people to sites that are slow or worse will crash a visitor’s computer. Using a CDN will increase the speed of your site raising your rankings as well.

Impatience is a Virtue

When it comes to searches online impatience is a virtue. The more impatient a person is, the quicker they will find what they are seeking. If a person sits around for longer than a few seconds for your site to load, or respond to their first click, they are wasting time. You need to improve your clients’ experience and ensure when they finally do land on your site they are instantly shown why they should stay. They will never know what they are missing if your site does not provide them with the quick response time that will keep them clicking. Your website hosting company should be making certain your visitors are staying with a fast site.

Conversions through Speed

Unless you are lucky and in some crazy category where nothing is really going to come up on a search other than you, the speed of your site will have a huge impact on your conversions. People get nervous when a site takes its time, especially when they are trying to make a purchase. All sorts of things run through their minds including “Oh no, are they putting spyware on my computer?” People don’t trust slow sites.

Web Hosting

The Numbers Don’t Lie

So the amount of time people are willing to wait on average for a site to load is 2-3 seconds. Conversion rates for websites that load within 2-3 seconds are .04 compared to those that took 30-40, which were pretty much at zero conversions.

As we already said, but it’s important enough to mention again, even if you have the top ranking, you will never get conversions if your site is too slow. And of course it is a vicious circle because you won’t get top ranking if your site is slow and so on and so on. If your website is slow you might want to speak to your website hosting company to see what’s up, because you can be guaranteed you’ll know what’s down: your conversions.

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