Using Apps to Keep Track of Your Brilliant Ideas

The great thing about modern technology is that it helps us think. In some cases it actually thinks for us, but in this case, specially designed Apps that help you collect your brilliance to use later are helping the inspired minds of today record their ideas and put them away until they need them.

Capture the Moment

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a perfect plan to resolve all of the world’s problems and there is no pen and paper available. You go back to bed thinking you’ll remember in the morning and it is gone. Because we all have our mobile devices attached at the hip, Apps such as Catch, Simple Note and Evernote are perfect. You grab your phone; mutter your ideas groggily and save them ‘til morning. The next day you wake up ready to save the world.

Notable Notability

From a marketing pro to a Digital Agency in Sydney, the Notability App by Apple rocks when it comes to assisting the creative mind. Notability allows you to draw sketches and save them or share them, as you need them. That means your vision is with you wherever you go and although it might not work for today’s projects you have it in your back pocket (literally if that’s where you keep your phone) for future use.

Images, Text, Data

Most of these Apps offer limitless ways to save information from voice recordings to images and text. They also allow you to share your ideas with clients and co-workers and keep those creative juices flowing and the melding of great minds becomes a continuous ever growing every changing life unto itself.Latest Trends for SEO

From the smallest Digital Agency Australia uses to the largest global corporations, Apps are now transforming how you think assisting you in harnessing your every thought and idea.

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