5 Things Award-winning Websites have in Common

When it comes to award-winning Australian website design there are 5 things they all have in common:

1.      Artfully Crafted

Many designers get caught up in bells and whistles when in actuality the most awesome web designers in Sydney design their sites artfully. A lot of the things that annoy and distract are the things many novice designers get caught up in like annoying pages with music and pretty moving things. Artfully crafted websites offer simplistic design like a classic magazine ad layout. Pure and simple with well chosen colours and perfectly laid out visuals offer balance and let you know where you are without having to turn off all the noise.

2.      Navigation

Ease of use is key to excellent web design. Visitors should not have to think about what they have to do. It should be intuitive. Responsive web design makes ease of use work across the board from PC to tablet and tablet to mobile.

3.      Original Interaction

Coming up with ways to engage the visitor adds to the allure of well-designed websites. Creativity and ingenuity allow you to entice the visitor to delve further into the site to discover new ways to interact.

4.      Content Contact

Even the most awesome web designers in Sydney cannot keep a visitor engaged if the content falls flat. Focusing on content that will allow the visitor to learn something is key. This means awesome design must work hand in hand with awesome copywriting.

5.      Social Sharing

Creating community on your site with social sharing, games and even downloadable Apps can work to keep your visitors engaged.

Using a combination of these five elements will help you create the beautiful web sites that get noticed and enhance visitors’ experiences. Keeping it fresh, updating useful relevant content and creating new ways to interact with visitors will all add to the success of your website.

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