How to Use the Top Social Networking Sites

Australian Search Engine Optimisation Services are beginning to rely heavily on a collaborative effort between creating SEO content for your website or blog and the use of social media. When it comes to the social networking scene, knowing how best to use each site will work in your favour when it comes to improving your Australian Search Engine Rankings.

Let’s say you are a design studio. Here is how you should use each social media site to your advantage:

  • Facebook: Here is where you tell everyone you like design. You then want all of your followers to say they like your design the best.
  • Twitter: On Twitter it’s all about what you are currently designing at the moment. It is the real time beast that needs to be continuously fed.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is the place to post your designs. They can be yours or they can be the ones you love. Either way it will show you have good taste or mad skills, which will both work in your favour. Choose different categories and post them weekly or monthly. Just because you design interiors for example, doesn’t mean you can’t love other designs. For winter post your favourite Holiday décor, for summer post your favourite book cover designs, for moments of boredom post your favourite web designs. Just be consistent with your look and feel across each subject matter to get across your design style.
  • Linked In: This is the spot you talk about your mad skills instead of showing them. Résumé the heck out of your talents and show who your clients are and what you have done that makes you so damn smart.
  • YouTube: This one is a little obvious, but here’s where you post yourself designing something or talking about how to create awesome designs.

As you can see each site offers variations of a theme and allows you to reach out to people while building your brand. Using each site correctly will make your attempts that much more effective.

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