Facebook Advertising Australia: 8 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

Facebook is a hub of global activity.  With around 200 million people logging onto this social media site each day, there is unlimited potential for businesses like yours to connect with potential customers.  Social media optimisation is one of the biggest weapons in the SEO expert’s toolkit – allowing businesses to gain a high return on investment through Australian social media and advertising.  By staying in the know, your business can soar to the top of the market, making it tough for competitors to keep up.

Are you ready to master the art of Facebook advertising in Australia?  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Facebook Advertising Guidelines.  Facebook, like most social networking sites, has strict advertising guidelines.  In order to make the most of your advertisement, you’ll want to gain an understanding of these guidelines.  Find out what types of ads they allow; what requirements they have; and any other rules to which you must adhere.
  2. Choose Ad Text Carefully.  Another thing to keep in mind with Facebook advertising in Australia is the text.  You’ll want to avoid annoying, pushy text in favour of ad text Facebook users will respond to.
  3. Use a Relevant Image.  Web users readily identify with images while surfing the web.  That’s why most businesses carefully insert high-impact images into websites and advertisements.  A Facebook ad is no different.  You’ll want to use an attractive, relevant image for your ad.
  4. How Can You Target Users? This is critical to the success of your social networking ad campaign.  Find out how Facebook allows you to target users so that you can maximise your exposure.  Facebook will allow you to target users based on age, location, career, etc.
  5. What is the Purpose of Your Campaign?  Before you write your ad, you’ll want to identify a clear purpose.  Is it to gain sales? Is it to have a customer contact you?  Whatever your goal is, it should be clear beforehand in order to create a clear, concise ad.
  6. Stick to Your Budget.  A common mistake many businesses make when embarking upon a social media marketing campaign is overspending.  Make sure you understand your budget and stick to it at all costs.
  7. Monitor Your Ad’s Performance.  Facebook makes it easy to track your daily, weekly, or monthly performance via the Ad Manager and other reports.  This will help you gauge the success of your ad and make changes accordingly.
  8. Make the Most of Advertising Space.  Like most ads, Facebook ads only allow a certain amount of characters – 25 for the title and 105 for the body.  That means you need to keep your ad text short and sweet.  Compose concise, pointed text that will capture the attention of users and gain the exposure you’re after.

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