Get Ready for the Google Panda Update 25 with a Leading Digital Agency

The world of internet marketing was forever changed when Google made the change to Panda. Since its inception, the new system has undergone 24 changes. It appears that change number 25 has been made and again, there are websites throughout the world trying to keep up. A great digital agency, like Smart SEO, is the ideal way of ensuring that you are in the right position to get the results you are looking for even with the new changes to Google Panda.

What Google Panda Update 25 Means to You

While it is the job of the best digital agency Sydney to keep up with the latest Google Update 25, it is not expected that you will know what has been changed. Indeed, the latest update appears to be the last manual push update that the system will go through. Following this, the system will change to a fully integrated system that will make changes according to the Google indexes process. There is as of yet no word on how many sites will be affected by the change, but it is expected that the change will effect only English queries.

Changing to Maintain High SERP Position

The biggest changes that the best digital agency Australia has to offer in order to maintain a higher position with Google is to maintain a White Hat SEO approach. This is an organic approach that attempts to provide exactly what Google is trying to provide to those who use their services. Since the other major search engines seem to take their lead, or follow a same path as Google, it is the one search engine to watch. A marketing approach that targets the needs of the end user will always provide you with the best SERP ranking.

Google Update Panda

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