Social Networking Australia: 5 Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Social networking in Australia is a key component of any online marketing strategy.  With the right team on the job, your business will find much success on networks like Google+Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.  A Facebook business page is your opportunity to connect with your target market and generate leads.  When it’s time to launch your page, you’ll want to consider these 5 tips to optimise your page for SEO.

  1. Choosing a Name.  While this may seem obvious, all too often, business pages don’t have the most brand-savvy names.  When you choose your name, you’ll want to optimise your brand by choosing wisely.  Don’t be too generic, but also be careful of being to “spammy”. * Tip: The first word of your page name will be given the most importance by Google.
  2. Create a Vanity URL.  This feature becomes available once you have at least 25 Likes.  Facebook allows you to create a username or unique URL for your page, which can help to increase search engine exposure.  Try to stick to your business name or something brand-relevant.
  3. Use Keywords Throughout Your Page.  Keyword optimisation is key for Facebook just like your website.  By using keywords strategically on your business page, you will improve SEO and gain better search engine exposure.  Use keywords in areas like About, Mission, and Company Description.  For local search optimisation, be sure to include your address in your information section.
  4. Backlinks.  When your page is up and running, be sure to backlink on existing channels to your Facebook page.  Inbound links give you higher Google rankings.  Use backlinks on blogs, Twitter, and your website.
  5. Optimise Status Updates.  Like content on your website, status updates can and should include keywords.  The first 18 characters of your post will serve as a Meta Description, so be sure to choose wisely when it comes to this portion of your update.

Australian Social Networking: The Facebook Business Page Bottom Line

Your Facebook page will have one main objective: to add value to your brand.  By paying attention to these important details as you launch your page, you will be poised to find success in the realm of online marketing and social networking in Australia.  Pay attention to graphics, reports, and other sources for analyses so you can improve your overall SEO.

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