Graphic Design: How to Choose the Company

When the time comes to improve your business position with effective graphic design and website development, you’ll want to choose a leading provider.  The right company can help you develop a powerful online presence, which can help you edge out the competition.  If you’re ready to choose the best team, consider these questions to ask each company before you make your final decision.

  1. Does the company outsource work?  In order to understand the quality you can expect, it’s important to understand the company’s position on outsourcing.  This is a common practice by companies worldwide, as it provides an opportunity for cost cutting.  The problem is, the outsourced work may be of inferior quality.
  2. What is the company philosophy?  The philosophy of the company should mesh well with your own business mission.  This will help you achieve your goals.
  3. How are projects handled?  Find out how many projects will typically be handled at once, as this will help you assess the amount of attention you can expect from each provider.
  4. What are the risks of the website being penalised by working with the company?  In most cases, graphic design and web development company will offer a guarantee for the work.  This will help to offset any stress you may have about facing penalties from Google.
  5. How does the company stay on top of the latest industry trends?  Because the SEO industry changes constantly, it’s essential that the company you choose is on top of the latest trends in order to give you the best results.  Find out where they get their information and how they ensure the best practices are in place.
  6. How will pricing be determined?  Understanding pricing is key to sticking to your company budget.  Most companies will have a set formula for calculating the rate, which will be easily accessible during the decision making process.
  7. How is the success of each campaign tracked?  Tracking the results of your campaign is a must.  The SEO company you choose should have an established practice for analysing and tracking results.
  8. How responsive are they to contact?  The company you choose must be available for questions and concerns as they arise.  Find out what the typical response time is and if you’ll have a dedicated professional to deal directly with.

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