What Does it Really Take to Get to the Top of Google?

In the quest for online success, businesses worldwide are scrambling to implement effective strategies to promote high search engine rankings and, therefore, improved traffic.  While it sounds great to get to the top of Google, one question remains: What does it take?  If you don’t understand how the Google algorithms work and what truly promotes high rankings, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to succeed.  There are basic factors to consider in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation – factors that will allow your business to overcome the obstacles and rise to the top of the rankings.

SEO in Sydney : First Page In Google

  1. Take a Look at On Page Factors.  On page factors are your best starting point when it comes to SEO.  Without the right factors, search engines will have a tough time identifying what your business is about, which will make it tough to support high rankings. Things to consider are:
    1. Title Tags: Make sure your main keyword is at the front of the title tag.
    2. Meta Descriptions: Including keywords in your Meta description will provide improvements to relevancy.
    3. H1 Tag: Utilise the H1 tag on each page, with the primary keyword included.
    4. Keyword Density: 2 – 5% is the ideal formula for keyword density.
    5. URL: Ensure the URL contains the keyword.
    6. Internal Link: Utilise internal linking to relevant pages within your site.
    7. External Link: Utilise external linking to high quality, relevant sources.
    8. Images: Improve visitor engagement by using images.
    9. Videos: Improve visitor engagement by using videos
  2. Number of Backlinks.  The average specialist may operate under the assumption that the number of backlinks doesn’t relate to your Google rankings.  Simply put, this isn’t true.  With proper analysis and a bit of trial and error, you’ll be able to nail down the correct backlink formula in order to improve your rankings.
  3. Quality of Backlinks.  In the realm of Search Engine Optimisation, Sydney businesses must focus on quality over quantity. While it is important to have the right number of backlinks, if they are poor quality links, they’ll do more harm than good.  You’ll want relevant, high quality links, particularly in the wake of Penguin 2.0.  Specialists should be analysing the quality of backlinks at all times to ensure your site is able to maintain a competitive edge.

Find the Specialist to Get to the Top of Google

Now that you understand how it works, you’ll want to make sure you put these tips into practice.  Getting to the top of Google requires an expert touch only the best SEO specialists will possess.  For assistance with your SEO strategy, contact Smart SEO today.  As the leaders in Sydney SEO, Smart SEO is able to offer guaranteed results for your business.


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