Web Marketing in Australia: Understanding Keyword Research

When it comes to hiring the right web design firm, Australian businesses must find a company that can offer support in the quest for online success.  With so many marketing factors to consider, it truly takes an expert hand to facilitate the creation of a powerful online presence.  Keywords are a key component of any online marketing strategy.  Web marketing in Australia includes expertise in keyword research.  As a business owner, gaining an understanding of keyword research will empower you to maintain an active role in the process of marketing your business online.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

For any SEO project, effective keyword research is at the core of success.  Without thorough research, it will be difficult if not impossible to succeed in implementing a web marketing plan.  Effective keyword analysis should be conducted by the web design firm, as it will:

The TLC's of SEO

  • Provide a foundation for your SEO strategy.
  • Provide a foundation for link building.
  • Increases rate of targeted traffic.
  • Allow you to save on PPC (pay per click) campaigns.
  • Gives you a strategic position for your website within SERPs.
  • Allow you to improve the efficiency of sales funnel.

Web Marketing in Australia: Essential Keyword Research Questions

As the web design firm begins the keyword research process, there will be a few questions to keep in mind in order to effectively complete the process.

  1. Is the keyword relevant?  Relevancy to your website or business is a must for keywords.  Only include keywords that are highly relevant to your business objectives and/or your website topic.
  2. Is the keyword competitive?  Keywords with high monthly search volumes may result in many businesses fighting for first page results, which won’t always be effective.  The higher the search results per page, the more competitive the keyword generally is.
  3. Does the keyword contain enough search traffic?  It’s best to only include keywords that provide a positive ROI.

What are the Types of Keywords?

In order to optimise the process of keyword research, it’s important to understand the basic types of categories.  They will fit into two basic categories:

  1. Keyword Length: The length of the keywords you choose will be important to how they function.  Consider the 3 main types:
    1. Head Keywords: These keywords will only contain 1-2 words.
    2. Body Keywords: Typically contain 2-3 words.
    3. Tail Keywords: These key phrases will typically contain 3 or more words.
    4. Keyword Intent: When Google generates search results, the intent of the keyword is considered.  Keyword intent will fall into three categories:
      1. Navigational: These keywords are used to help users navigate to a particular site.
      2. Informational: These keywords typically generate the highest amount of search results pages.  These keywords could include things like how to, tips, guides, etc.
      3. Transactional: These keywords possess the highest ROI.

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